Nov 26

Could your save money on your business electricity bills?

As winter approaches you may find your thoughts turning to your energy bills; thanks to the rising cost of energy, falling temperatures and those long winter nights. But is there anything you can do to help save energy and cut the cost of your businesses’ energy bills?

At this time of year electrical contractors tend to be inundated with calls from businesses who are concerned about unnecessary energy costs. Reducing the amount of energy your company uses makes perfect sense; not only can it help you cut costs and increase profit margins, it can also work wonders for your reputation as a company that is working hard to reduce its carbon emissions.

With this in mind it really does make sense to conduct an energy audit. An energy audit makes it much easier to identify patterns in your energy usage and to pinpoint where potential savings can be made. However, carrying out an energy audit yourself is not only complicated, the chances are you simply won’t have time to do it yourself so this is where an electrical contractor will be able to help.

Power correction survey

A power correction survey is a technical way to describe checks to determine how efficiently electrical power is consumed. It can be used either on a single piece of equipment or all of the electrical equipment you use, regardless of the size of your premises.

Make the most of energy efficient lighting

LED lighting is, in comparison to other forms of energy efficient lighting, incredibly long lasting and impressively energy efficient. If you think LED lighting is too expensive, the fact that it could help you save around 90% on your lighting costs might make you think again. A range of highly efficient LED lighting schemes are available and your electrical contract will be able to advise you on the best one for your business.

Motor control systems

A wide range of applications such as ventilation systems, pumps and air handling units can benefit from the installation of a motor control system. Inverter or variable speed drives will allow the system to vary its output as required, whilst maintaining an optimum level of performance and production. Using a variable speed drive, for example, could help you save up to 50% on energy use so this is also something that’s well worth discussing with your electrical contractor.

Simple things to try

On a much smaller scale there are lots of fairly minor changes you can make which have the potential to slash pounds from your energy bills. Turning off lights, electrical equipment, computers etc when not in use is so easy to do but really does save money – especially if yours is a large site!

Something else to try is swapping high-energy light bulbs with energy saving LEDs and fit lights in little-used or outside areas with movement sensors and timers. It’s worth encouraging your colleagues to turn the heating down at the weekends or during holidays: make use of the timer on your central heating system – it’s there to help you save money!

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